Tranquileyes Eye Hydrating System

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dr. Robert Latkany, one of the country's leading dry-eye experts and author of the new book The Dry Eye Remedy: The Complete Guide to Restoring the Health and Beauty of Your Eyes, has tested and now recommends tranquileyes Eye Hydrating System for his patients.

Tranquileyes goggles naturally restore moisture by creating heat and increasing humidity around the eye, which helps stimulate tear production and reduce the evaporation of natural tears.

Now, tranquileyes is introducing a microwavable version of their thermoeyes gel pad inserts to boost the intensity and duration of the tranquileyes moist heat treatment. Place the gel pads in a cup of water and heat in the microwave. Then insert the gel pads into the goggles and you've turned up the volume on your dry-eye relief! The extra heat helps open the meibomian glands which secrete the oily lipid layer of the tear film, slowing evaporation of natural tears. Users will experience noticeable relief in just 10 minutes of use.

Tranquileyes goggles are hypoallergenic and made with FDA approved materials. They feature a beautifully sculpted eye cover, made from medical grade, flexible material. Fabric lined visco-elastic foam especially designed to form to the face, cushions the eye cover, providing increased comfort while controlling the temperature and humidity within the eye environment. A uniquely designed adjustable comfort wrap holds the eye covers in place and the stretch fabric ensures no pinching, even with extended wear.

Source: Eye Eco


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