Features of Wavefront Lasik.

Friday, July 25, 2008

With the advancement in the medical field at an exponential rate in the past few decades, the process of surgeries has undergone a major shift. The development of Wavefront Lasik surgery is one such change that has sparked new hopes for seriously ill patients. It is an offshoot of Lasik (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis), a form of eye surgery through the use of laser beams. This operation is carried out by a trained ophthalmologist and has proved to be an effective treatment method for eye disorders like hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism.

Wavefront Lasik is a method in the above said surgery procedure which uses a spatially changing correction technique to get the most optically correct eye. It is a bit different from the usual Lasik procedures where simple correction of the cornea is done to make its focusing power better. Since the Wavefront technology uses the three dimensional scanning of the eye while the operation is being carried out, the precision of the entire process is enhanced. It is a more preferred method of eye correction process these days as the doctor can get to know about the exact point of fault in the eye of the patient. This customized treatment can go a long way in knowing the peculiarity of a case, and the right treatment can be done accordingly. One of the best things about Wavefront Lasik surgery is that it reduces numerous post-Lasik surgery side-effects like halos, glare and irregularities in night vision.

Wavefront Lasik is similar to Lasik in many ways. It uses the same excimer laser for the operation as its earlier counterpart and creates a flap in the corneal region of the eye of the patient. It also is precise like Lasik in its treatment and simply eliminates the faults in the cornea by vaporizing them. It has an edge over the traditional Lasik in a few more ways. Many HOA (High Order Aberrations) cannot be treated using the traditional Lasik method of operation. Disorders like halo formation or night vision problem can be corrected using only Wavefront Lasik as the older Lasik method is not developed to cure them.

The procedure of Wavefront Lasik surgery is simple, a beam of light is sent to the cornea of the patient which is reflected back to the computing device to create a three dimensional image. This image gives an idea of the flaws present in the eye to the doctor who then uses the data to guide the laser at the precise faulty points. This way, the disorder on the cornea of a patient can be treated effectively and in the least risky way. It is a highly customized method of treatment and every operation is unique in its own way. It is specially designed to cure the particular patient rather than giving a general treatment for a range of similar disorders. Wavefront Lasik might be the right choice for you if you have a disorder that is deteriorating the quality of your vision. It is simple, less risky and widely available at all the leading hospitals across the world.


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