Lasik-Post Operative Care

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

After the treatment you will be examined after one hour, drops will be applied and then you can go home. Pay careful attention to the detailed instructions your Doctor gives you regarding additional drops to use at home and when to return for your first visit.

Make sure you have arrangements for a qualified person to drive you back. A cup that has small holes will be placed on each eye through which you can continue to see. This is mainly placed to prevent the patient from rubbing the eyes and it can be taken off at home itself the next day morning.

To be most comfortable, you should go home and take a long nap. When you awaken you will notice several things. First you will notice a dramatic improvement in your vision. It will most likely not be as good as it will get in a few days as your eyes will need to continue to heal. You should expect to feel some mild "grittiness" or like a little sand or dust has gotten into your eyes for up to a day or so. This is normal. As your eyes heal it is normal and expected to be a little sensitive to light and perhaps see some glare or even haloes around lights at night. This too will diminish as your eyes heal.

Drops have to be applied for about a week after treatment. There will be mild redness, irritation, watering immediately after treatment that usually subsides by next day morning. You can normally resume all activities like attending office, college etc right from the next day after treatment. Bathing, shaving can be normally carried out. Direct rubbing of the eyes and splashing of water into the eyes are to be avoided for a week after treatment.


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