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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Eye injuries among kids is more common than we think.What’s the most boring thing you’ve ever heard? It’s probably ‘don’t sit so close to the television’ from an irate grown up. Next time, before you feign deafness, think. Television, from too close, doesn’t do our peepers any good.

Protect your eye

“India has among the highest rates of blindness in the world,” says Dr. Mohan Rajan. “Eye injuries among children are more common than we think.”
Injuries when playing, cracker related injuries, scratches that might lead to internal eye bleeds — our eyes are more prone to danger than ever.
“Presentation and detection of such problems as early as possible is important. The treatment is then more effective.” he says.

Contact lenses for children over 12 is a good idea. Disposable ones are the best and aren’t too expensive. Wash your hands before you touch them. Change the lens solution everyday. Wear them for about 11 hours. Never sleep with your lenses on. The lens won’t break in your eye thanks to the soft lens we use today. Cut your nails. They can scratch the lens and tear them. Glasses with poly carbonate lens which are shatter proof are the safest option.


The eye is a delicate organ but caring for it can be a breeze if we follow what the doctor says.

Myopia (short sight) affects children who watch television from close quarters.

Take Vitamin E to stay healthy, as eye balls grow with you and can do with some help.

Outdoor activity in the sun helps too. The sun produces dopamine which helps the eye.

If your parents wear spectacles then make sure you get your eyes checked regularly.

Bad news for gaming and computer addicts. The screen with it flickers tire eyes out and cause unnecessary strain. School project needs urgent attention? Take frequent breaks. Blink frequently. Wash your eyes with clean cold water. Don’t rush to read or watch television the minute you are done. Let the eyes rest a while.

Green leafy veggies, eggs and Vitamin E are musts. Forget snuggling down with a book. Lying down and reading is probably the worst thing you can do to your eyes for the angle is too strenuous for it.

If you have hurt your eyes get a doctor to take a look immediately. Squinting can make you the popular class clown but too much of it can make the squint permanent leading to something called a “lazy eye”. In short all your eye would then want to do is squint and not help you ‘see’ stuff properly.

If the urge to rub your eyes is too great to be avoided, check for allergies. Keep an adult posted about any redness or persistent watering.

Some exercises

Pencil push ups: Hold a pencil at arm’s length. Look at its tip. Move it gradually towards your eyes. Stop when you see double. Repeat for about 20 times.

Pendulum move: Watch a pendulum move.

“They won’t reduce your spectacle power but will help tone the muscles and keep the eye healthy,” says Dr. Mohan Rajan.


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